Raymond Bark

Growing up in South Africa during the traumatic years of apartheid, Raymond Bark has certainly witnessed the cruelty - and the resilience - of the human spirit. His early experiences inspired him to attend law school, but ultimately, his creative instincts led to the pursuit of a career in filmmaking. Instead of the film school route, Bark apprenticed in various roles on the crew to learn the craft. The main focus was as a camera assistant on documentaries and television projects. He then moved into production and worked as a 1st AD on numerous international features. Commercial directing projects soon followed, necessitating a move to North America. Starting out in Toronto at Partners Film Co., Bark soon moved to the States to join GARTNER. A sophisticated visualist with an expert ability for refined, well-told, intelligent filmmaking, Bark draws on the spectrum of life experiences to deliver work that is creative, humorous, and authentic. In addition, Bark is an accomplished photographer who enjoys taking stills for locations and presentations and is integrally involved with the art direction of his projects. United Airlines, Citibank, Maserati, Starbucks, Duracell, Kohler, and the award-winning JC Penney "Traditions," are among his recent notable spot projects.