Robert Maya

Director/Cameraman, Robert Maya’s captivating visuals bring the viewer exactly where he is — living the exciting stories that he so vividly tells. In addition to his commercial work, his latest endeavors have been focused on the world of humanitarian documentary films and social responsibility campaigns. He’s developed a knack for intimate conversations, in-depth interviews and testimonials with actors, athletes, musicians and political dignitaries such as Forest Whitaker, Ashton Kutcher, Whoopi Goldberg, Kevin Costner, Billy Crystal, Desmond Tutu, and Bill Clinton. He’s created content for several foundations including the NBA, NFL, Starkey Hearing Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. Directing and shooting now for over fifteen years, Maya combines a strong technical background in lighting and specialty rigs with a powerful sense of aesthetics. As he brings his dynamic storytelling from the world's largest sand dunes in Namibia, Africa to the frigid Alaskan glaciers, he can take a project anywhere in his passion to keep it authentic. Maya also has an excellent sense of casting and his subtle style of directing and motivating actors gets the most out of talent whether its celebrities, athletes, children, animals or real people. Needing minimal crew and essential gear to get the job done on his global shoots, he believes in big production values while making a small footprint. Through his philosophy, he brings a sense of logical order to potentially complicated situations; transcending logistically challenged jobs makes him a leader for production’s new era.